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Countdown to the draft lottery, question #3: T minus 25 days

Poll results reflected a logical result (yay!) for possible trade partners in the event we attempt to move up in the draft. If the Raptors or the Jazz end up at the #3, they'll likely draft Kanter and have done. The Kings have Demarcus Cousins and the Cavaliers have J.J. Hickson, but I don't really see either one passing on our boy unless there's something in it for them. I doubt anything happens with SAC, but maybe CLE bites on Andray Blatche and the #6 for Anderson Varejao and the #3 (before the screaming starts, I'm just tossing a random something out there). The Timberwolves represent the most likely trade partner, but for the most part I'm with disgrunted:

Trading up is a panic move...[the] draft is now loaded with freshman who have not fully developed yet. The trick is to pick one who will develop like [Derrick] Williams did this past season with whatever pick the Wizards get. There are going to be good players available whenever the Wizards pick. Some will just have to be more developed than others.

I agree with Rook that trading back is a more likely scenario, but with the statisical likelihood of that scenario evolving being so low, it's more likely we stand pat. Our core is taking aim at the playoffs next year in what's shaping up to be a loaded draft class, while needing at least one more major piece. In that eventuality, coupled with the probability we will stand pat in the draft even if we place out of the top 3, Ernie Grunfeld's ability to get high value out of mid lottery and first round picks will be crucial. I believe he has a defensible record there, though that's eminently debatable. What draft version of Ernie do you want to see?