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Countdown to the draft lottery, question #2: T minus 28 days

With Harrison Barnes returning to UNC and the overwhelming majority comfortable with nothing less than a top 3 pick, it seems that anything less would constitute a disaster. Imagine the Wizards end up out of the top 5 in the draft with the Timberwolves, Cavaliers, and Raptors, Kings, and Jazz drafting ahead of us.

There isn't one of those teams who couldn't seriously use Kyrie Irving or Derrick Williams, and we'll use that to set a condition of the question. Which team could the Wizards best target given our available assets and our lottery pick to move up to the #3 spot? Though opinions will likely differ widely, let's assume come the last week or two before the draft, Enes Kanter is the consensus #3 pick.

The Cavs have another lottery pick and need young guys and draft picks aplenty, maybe something happens there. The T-wolves need everything from post defense to backcourt help. The Raptors...don't get me started on the Raptors. With Tyreke Evans and Marcus Thornton exploding in the backcourt (assuming they re-sign him), the Kings find themselves needing help for Demarcus Cousins, and we know the Jazz have already taken an interest in Kanter. Who makes the best trade target if the worst happens? Follow-up on the next countdown.