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2010-11 Wizards Season Awards: Play Of The Year

The Wizards' season has been done for a while, but before we move on to the NBA Draft, we're going to take a look back at the good, bad, ugly and wacky of the 2010/11 NBA season. All throughout the week and beyond, we'll be handing out the hardware for the season. We'll have some conventional categories, some wacky ones and everything in between.

The best part is that you, the reader, decide. This is partially because I can't make decisions, but mostly because we want you to be involved. OK, fine, it's all because we want you involved. Carry on.

Our first poll? The 2010/11 Play of the Year. Your nominees, along with the poll, are below the jump. Voting closes at 4 p.m. tomorrow.

JaVale McGee's block, behind-the-back pass

Nick Young's spin and finish vs. the Mavericks

JaVale McGee pulls a LaPhonso Ellis on Wes Matthews

Al Thornton destroys Zaza Pachulia

John Wall beats the Celtics

John Wall oops to JaVale McGee vs. the Jazz

JaVale gets revenge on Blake Griffin

Cartier Martin ties the game!

Jordan Crawford's block, between-the-legs pass

Wall, JaVale hook up for half-court alleyoop