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NBA Draft Lottery Standings: Raptors, Kings Win, Help Wizards' Standing

If you're rooting for ping pong balls, you have to love what happened around the league on Sunday.  Two of the Wizards' primary contenders for better NBA Draft lottery odds won on Sunday, with the Toronto Raptors beating the New Jersey Nets and the Sacramento Kings beating the Golden State Warriors. The Raptors' win pushes the Wizards back into a tie for the third-worst record in the league, while the Kings' win puts them two games ahead of the Wizards with two to play.

Here are the current lottery standings.

  1. Minnesota: 17-63
  2. Cleveland: 17-63
  3. Toronto: 22-58
  4. Washington: 22-58
  5. Sacramento: 24-56
  6. New Jersey*: 24-56
*: pick goes to Utah Jazz as part of Deron Williams trade.

The Wizards seem virtually guaranteed of getting at least one of the four best chances for a top pick.  They'd have to beat both Boston and Cleveland and have either the Kings or Nets lose both of their last two games.  The best they can do, though, is finish with the third-worst record.


Wizards: Monday vs. Boston, Wednesday at Cleveland.
Raptors: Monday at Milwaukee, Wednesday vs. Miami.
Kings: Monday vs. Oklahoma City, Wednesday vs. LA Lakers.
Nets: Monday vs. Charlotte, Wednesday at Chicago.