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Kevin Seraphin to open English-speaking school for French during NBA lockout

WASHINGTON D.C. - With an NBA lockout looming on the horizon, many players have scrambled to find a steady source of income outside of basketball. But that is no such problem for Kevin Seraphin, the lovable Wizards rookie that has brought so much joy to the team's locker room.

Evidently, Seraphin has decided to spread that joy in an entirely different way next year. The Wizards' forward has announced plans to open up a school for French children in Washington D.C. that "want to read English good and do other things good." 

"I have slowly learned the English language this season, but it wasn't so easy for me," Seraphin said through a translator. "I want to make it easier for children to grow up in this city and learn that there's a lot more to life than being really, really ridiculously happy."

Seraphin declined to announce when the school would open, but did say that he would upload the class reading on I-Pads instead of forcing the kids to purchase books.

"We're proud of Kevin for his generosity and his commitment to the community," Team President Ernie Grunfeld said in a press release.  "We just hopes he understands that the school will have to be at least three times bigger than it is to accommodate all the students."