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Links: Enes Kanter footage

There's been a growing number of requests for a taste of Kanter footage, so after a little quick 'net scrounging, here you go:

2010 Nike Hoop Summit Kanter highlights.  [YouTube]

Teammates talk a little about him, and a bizarre revelation from Kanter himself.  [YouTube]

A little drills footage with Kanter and Eloy.  [YouTube]

Interviews leading up to the Serbia-Turkey game, Kanter speaks at 3:08.  [YouTube]

Highlights from the Serbia-Turkey game.  [YouTube]

More footage.  [YouTube]

Rudimentary stuff, I know.  If you find more, post it in the comments.  He talks about wanting to play the 4 in the NBA, wanting to face up.  As physical as he is, if we draft him, we could likely play him opposite Blatche or McGee depending on the opponent.  It's all rosterbation at this point, and if anyone has some extended Euroleague footage, that would be nice.