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Washington Wizards Fall To The Detroit Pistons

I didn't watch this one very closely due to previous obligations but it seemed to be the same recipe that the Wizards have been using all season on the road. Start slow and sloppy, put yourself in a hole and have trouble clawing your way out. From what I saw the interior defense looked fairly porous once again, which opened up the perimeter for Austin Daye and company once the Zards decided to tighten up.

The FREE BOOKER movement also seemed to take a step back as he appeared slightly overmatched in his first prolonged outing. Jordan Crawford also seemed to be getting a lot of shoutouts in the comments, so maybe someone can clue Mike and I in to what we missed. Or maybe it was a JaVale McGee antishoutout.

I'll be taking another look at this game later on to see if I can parse out what went wrong. Hopefully the team can put this behind them and regroup in time for Milwaukee on Tuesday.