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Which Wizards Starting Lineup Would You Prefer To See Tonight?

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Some food for thought preceding tonight's game against Detroit. With the news that Trevor Booker was considered for the start against Minnesota, which starting lineup would you prefer to take the court against Detroit this evening. Take into account that the lineup that closed the gap against Golden State consisted of Wall, Young, Crawford, Booker, and Blatche. Last night the winning lineup for the Wizards in crunchtime was Wall, Martin, Evans, Booker and Blatche. Obviously, one can assume that if Young is healthy tonight he would figure to be in the lineup to close out games.

For my part, if you are going to reward Trevor Booker for his strong play then you have to start him at his natural power forward position. In this case, the decision comes down to whether you sit Andray Blatche or JaVale McGee. The question then very much becomes a "what have you done for me lately" if you prefer starting Blatche to McGee.

My preferred starting lineup would be Wall, Young, Evans, Booker and Blatche as I think Evans defense makes up for some of Blatche's liabilities at center. I could be swayed to start Crawford in his place, but think that particular lineup gives the Wizards the best chance to compete.