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Trevor Booker And Andray Blatche Star In Defeat Of Timberwolves

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Whether you like Andray Blatche or you have decided that he is part of the problem, tonight is a reminder of what Blatche is capable of when he puts his mind to it. Maybe the body is finally healing. Maybe he is rounding into game shape. But the player you saw out there tonight was one the Wizards thought they were getting when they extended him this summer. He still makes foolish mistakes and still will take plays off, but much more palatable when he is unselfish and demonstrates court vision.

Oh yeah, and FREE BOOKER.

NOTE: Booker had the stomach flu and Flip was actually planning to start him tonight. Was pulled in the first because it got worse as the game went on.

Sign on Wizards whiteboard after game: Booker + Immodium AD = Win

More later.