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Links: Wizards beat Jazz, John Wall learns from Derrick Rose

It's been a while, so let's get our link on.  Actually, scratch that - the phrase "get your link on" sounds horrible.  Let's just get to the links.

  • Recaps from the Washington PostDave Johnson at CSN WashingtonTruth About ItWiz of AwesWizards ExtremeSB Nation D.C.the Salt Lake Tribune and the bossman himself.
  • Worth noting also: the win came on Jerry Sloan's birthday. [@Truth_About_It]
  • The win ensured the Wizards wouldn't tie an NBA record for worst road record in a season.  They probably will break a franchise record, though. [Michael Lee]
  • Mo Evans with the quote of the night: "I felt like I was in the Buffalo Wild Wings commercial." [SB Nation D.C.]
  • Speaking of Evans, here's a look at how he's helped stabilize the young Wizards' locker room.  I wish he provided more on-court contributions than he does at this stage (though he's played well the last two nights), but the goal should be to find a guy like Evans who is a bit younger and still has more left. [Alex Kennedy, HoopsWorld]
  • John Wall talks to Chris Tomasson of HoopsHype about his season and what he's learned from Derrick Rose' rise this season.  He said he's going to work this summer on perfecting an actual jump shot instead of the set shot we see so often. [HoopsHype]
  • Scott Schroeder was pretty excited by the play of Othyus Jeffers. [Ridiculous Upside]
  • Wizards draft rankings.  Hard to argue with the top four, though I will never want a Plumlee on this team. [Momentum Three]
  • VCU is apparently using the "Our Time" slogan that the Wizards used last season.  The Rams got better results from it. [DCIst]
  • Ted Leonsis threw in a little jab at the Washington Post after Dan Steinberg listed the Capitals' injuries compared to the rest of the league, saying the paper "hasn't been the same" since Tony Kornheiser, George Solomon and Michael Wilbon left.  Mister Irrelevant responded, Steinberg responded and Leonsis later sort of apologized and said "don't take it too seriously. It's just a blog posting."  I have no opinion on this because I have no idea what kind of interactions Leonsis and Steinberg may have had during the whole process, but here it is, for what it's worth.
  • Pretty cool story on Terrance Briscoe, otherwise known as "The Hype Guy" that you see running around at games. [Washington Post]