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Washington Wizards at Utah Jazz: Regular Season Game 73 Open Thread

The Wizards' recent history at Utah (here, here and here, specifically) has been pretty brutal over the years, mostly because, like tonight, those games tend to happen at the end of long road trips. But the Wizards may actually have a chance this time because the Jazz are playing horribly, having lost five in a row. In fact, they're just 4-13 since making the Deron Williams trade, and have fallen out of the NBA playoff picture. So hey, anything is possible.

Nick Young won't play tonight after reaggravating his knee injury last night, while Trevor Booker tweeted earlier that he's getting treatment in the hopes of getting back into the lineup after a one-game absence. Devin Harris (who I think is pretty good, but is never healthy) and Andrei Kirilenko are both out for the Jazz, meaning Earl Watson and Raja Bell will start.

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