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Washington Wizards At Golden State Warriors: Regular Season Game 72 Open Thread

UPDATE: Trevor Booker is sitting out with a right foot inflammation.

So hey, this is happening.

I haven't gotten a chance to sit down and watch the Nuggets game, but from a brief perusal of the comments I get the sense that it wasn't quite the same edifying experience that was had in LA. So I'm going to cheat and reference the boxscore and ask you guys to explain to me the things that I missed.

1) Was John Wall as meh as his statline suggests?

2) Why did JaVale McGee take 13 shots?

3) Is Nick Young hurt, rusty, or pressing?

4) In a hustle game, why didn't Othyus Jeffers play?

Regardless, the long trudge to finish line continues tonight in Golden State. Last time out the Wizards closed the gap on the Warriors, but the rebounding advantage proved to be a bit too much. After that game, I suggested that the Wizards roll out the lineup of Wall, Crawford, Young, Booker and Blatche as they had played competitive basketball. Sub McGee in for Blatche to that lineup tonight and there is a chance that we could upend the Warriors at home. Of course, given our road record, this is a very very remote possibility.

Not much more to say about this one except that these are two teams playing out the string. My hope is that Al Thornton fouls a 3 point shooter with a few ticks remaining and gives us the game.