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Open Thread: 2011 NCAA Tournament Sweet 16 Games

The Wizards don't play tonight, and the NCAA Tournament Sweet 16 games are on, so I imagine most of us will be watching those. There are a lot of good prospects playing tonight too. Here's a schedule:

7:15, CBS: Connecticut vs. San Diego State. Obviously, Kemba Walker is the big draw here, but I'm kind of curious about Kahwi Leonard of San Diego State, who could be available for the Wizards' second pick. I didn't like him all that much in the first two games, but he also was playing against weird teams.

7:27, TBS: Florida vs. BYU. Jimmer Fredette is tough for anyone to get a read on as a prospect, and I'm not really sure what to make of him either, other than to say I don't really see a role for him on this team. For Florida, I kind of like Chandler Parsons and think he could easily get overlooked like Landry Fields did last year.

9:45, CBS: Duke vs. Arizona. This is the one we should all be watching. Derrick Williams is playing, and even if he plays badly, I'm guessing a lot of people will fall in love with him. I've been warming up to Williams more and more because he's so efficient and makes big plays. Duke's big front line, though, will be as much of a test as Texas was. As for Duke, Kyrie Irving is playing, which should be interesting to see.

9:57, TBS: Butler vs. Wisconsin. Eh. Not much from a pro standpoint to see here.

What are you looking for in tonight's games? What do some of these top prospects have to do to make you feel better about them?