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Off Day Poll: The Return of Yi Jianlian

Ever since the first Clippers debacle, several Wizards have stepped up their games and have attempted to make the last few games of the season more enjoyable for both the team as well as those watching at home. And while much ink has been spilled on John Wall, the emergence of Jordan Crawford and JaVale McGee's improving play, there is one player on the depleted Wizards who until last night has not received his due attention: Yi Jianlian. Ever since Yi made Blake Griffin "bleed his own blood" in the first meeting between the two teams there has been a noticeable uptick in Yi's aggressiveness. He is committing hard fouls, playing solid defense and even taking it hard to the basket on occasion. Honestly, its a Yi Jianlian that I think glass half full Wizards fans were expecting at the beginning of the season after Yi's performance in the Worlds. Maybe Yi knows that the clock on his NBA career is ticking down or maybe realizes that without improved play he will permanently labeled a 10th man. Whichever the case, one should take note of his performance and factor it in to the Wizards' offseason plans.

With that said, here is your Off Day Poll Question:

Would you like Yi Jianlian to return to the Wizards next year?