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Wizards get the moral-est of moral victories, lose to Clippers

Well, they got their close game reps in at least.  Standing ovation for the effort.  They just didn't finish.  But as we always say, they have to know how to stay close and fight before they learn how to finish.  This is a good sign in that way, because you have to keep it close, and they did despite falling behind early.


  • Wall taking control.
  • Crawford providing a spark.
  • Yi playing mostly good pick and roll defense, plus hitting shots.
  • JaVale being a factor
  • You all
  • Free throws.
  • JaVale jumping on Eric Gordon's game-tying three.
  • Crawford in the double overtime.
  • Blake Griffin is becoming the new LeBron James-like figure. 
Alas, they just ran out of gas.  Fun game, and an unfortunate result.  A win would have been absolutely huge for their confidence.  A loss just means Flip needs to emphasize the good process over and over again, as usual.