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Washington Wizards at Portland Trail Blazers: Regular Season Game 69 Open Thread

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It's a late game, but I'll be up watching and I'm guessing most of you will too. Nick Young and Andray Blatche are both out, but Young could be back tomorrow against the Clippers and Blatche could come back by the end of the road trip. Say what you want about both players, but it would be very easy for them to just shut it down for the season. I like that neither is at this point.

Anyway, Portland. The Blazers are interesting. Since the Gerald Wallace trade, which I admit I didn't like because I wasn't sure where he'd play, they are 8-5. They have some big wins (Dallas and Miami, for example) and some bad losses. On paper, they're scary as heck, but it all depends on who they play and which lineups they can roll out. It also depends on Brandon Roy, who is slowly rounding into form.

Unlike before, Roy is not the focal point. Instead, that guy is LaMarcus Aldridge, who was the subject of another great Sports Illustrated profile by Chris Mannix. Aldridge has been phenomenal recently, and he's the kind of guy who people said was all he would ever be before turning it on and becoming something more. Just a prime example that there are no easy answers in this league. He'll be at center a lot more since Marcus Camby is injured.

Game time is at 10. Blazers Edge is your one-stop shop for the Blazers, even though this preview was hilariously mean toward our team. (Don't get too up in arms about it. We deserve it).