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NBA Draft Prospect Profiles

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Since you all are like me and interested the NBA Draft prospects, I figured I'd point you in the direction of the NBA Draft Prospects storystream we have going on at  Tom Ziller and myself have been breaking down some of the top prospects in this year's NCAA Tournament, and we'll continue to be updating that as those players actually play.  

Here's who we got so far.

  • Ziller breaks down Arizona forward Derrick Williams and compares him to "Danny Granger on rollerblades."  He also loves Williams.
  • take a look at Jared Sullinger, who I think has pretty clear strengths and weaknesses.  If I had a gun pointed to my head, he's the guy I'd probably put atop my draft board for this team right now (Kyrie Irving would be 1, but we don't need him), with the obvious caveat being that I haven't studied Enes Kanter much.  
  • My write-up on Kemba Walker of Connecticut, in which I express concern about how his game will translate to the pros.  My issue with Kemba is this: he uses so many possessions, and ultimately, he's only average efficiency-wise with them.  Now, to be average efficiency-wise while using so many possessions is a very good thing, and I love his demeanor and his shot-making ability.  But it raises an interesting question: is he doing that because his team is built for him to do that, or is his team built for him to do that because of the nature of his game?  The reason that question matters is that no NBA team is going to structure their roster like Connecticut did this season, so you have to ask whether Walker can alter his game a bit.
  • Ziller's thing on Terrence Jones of Kentucky, which doesn't really make me feel that good about him.
  • My thoughts on Harrison Barnes, who I essentially see as the anti-Kemba. 
  • Ziller on John Henson

Still to come: profiles of Chris Singleton, Isaiah Thomas, Jimmer Fredette, Brandon Knight, Kahwi Leonard, Marcus Morris, Tristain Thompson and probably Irving.