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The Issue That No One Wants To Talk About

WARNING - The following post includes a transcript that addresses JaVale McGee's performance in the OKC game. Its more or less stuff that you have heard before but perhaps a bit more to the point. I advise those of you who are sensitive to criticism of our erstwhile center to NOT read this because you're going to get a tad upset. I'm posting this because its notable news coming out of tonight's game.

Flip Saunders:

Its tough to look at. I know, its tough to coach.

Honestly, I didn't want to discuss this issue because its been a hard year of Wizards viewing for all of us and this is one of the two most divisive subjects on the board. However, Flip Saunders was prompted to address JaVale McGee's performance following McGee's benching after an errant behind the back pass. The following is a transcription of Saunders answer which gives a bit of insight into what the coaching staff thinks of McGee's play on the night:

Well, y'know. Let's put it this way, if we weren't in a rebuild, y'know on my others (teams) he'd have a tough time. You have to bite your lip, I bite my lip, I almost have a callous on my lip to try and let them play through some things and hope that they get it. But (sardonic chuckle) you can't play that way. I mean that's y'know... (pause) that's losing basketball. JaVale does some good things, but to be a guy, that, whether its him or anybody, but to be a main guy those are the things you can't have happen. You've got to play within the things that you can do. Because if you don't then everyone starts trying crazy things. (pause) Y'know your PG is going to have some turnovers because he has the ball in his hands a lot, but you can't afford to have your centers and forwards to have 2, 3, 4 turnovers a game, they don't touch it enough. Not in that kind of a situation.

Then Flip goes on to address the play of the rookies versus other players on the team:

You take notice...I think our rookies have been more physical and competitive than some of the guys we've had back. That's disappointing at times. Because you wouldn't expect that if anything your rookies would be the guys who would be taking back, but that hasn't been the case.

I'll leave the parsing for you guys to discuss further.