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Water, Water Everywhere But Not A Shot To Sink

One would think that I would be a tad distressed after the Wizards were blown out for the fourth time in the last seven games. Surprisingly, I find myself less disheartened than I was following the game against. Maybe I've become inured to the decrepitude of the team, but I thought I saw a few good things out there tonight.  The problem remains that with Rashard Lewis and Andray Blatche out of the lineup there is no one besides Nick Young who can create his own shot. John Wall has done a remarkable job filling in the spaces between plays, but Jordan Crawford and Mo Evans still haven't found their comfort level within the system.

Happy Notes

1. Jordan Crawford - There were still dumb shots to be sure but I thought Crawford played much more within the system.

2. Trevor Booker - Nothing to frown about here, Booker had another solid outing.

3. Kevin Seraphin - A lot of it was garbage time, but Seraphin continues to demonstrate some good defensive instincts.

Sad Pandas

1. Nick Young - Its just not happening for Young right now and whether its because of injury or defensive pressure it has to be concerning to Wizards' fans.

2. Mo Evans - I thought Evans might be James Singleton redux but he has spent the last two games getting beat all over the place.

3. Josh Howard - Yikes. Just yikes.

More later