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Washington Wizards Win Slugfest Against Milwaukee Bucks in Slow Paced Affair

Tonight's Success Checklist

1) Make a bad offensive team shoot jumpshots? Check.

2) Manage to control the boards against a more physical opponent? Check.

3) Efficient performance from the bench? Check.

4) Return to the norm for JaVale McGee? Check.

The hot topic on blogger row this evening was on the subject of JaVale McGee. McGee had a dominant night on the boards and managed to hold his own against a more physical frontline. However, McGee was also pulled twice during the game, once for making an errant dunk attempt and another time for shooting three consecutive jumpers. The question remains whether these immediate benchings are conducive to McGee's development or at this point are only serving to limit McGee's stress minutes. As Mike pointed out, many of McGee's mistakes are compounded by the fact that John Wall is not stepping up and demanding the ball back after he strands McGee on an iso island.

I'm not sure where I stand on this yet. Thoughts?

A good win against a tough defensive opponent. Hopefully, this kind of effort carries over to Saturday.