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Atlanta Hawks at Washington Wizards: Regular Season Game 49 Open Thread

For the second night in a row, the Washington Wizards ran pregame drills during warmups, but tonight the purpose of the warmups was made clear by Flip Saunders. In running drills that are more reminiscent of a NCAA team than a professional organization, Saunders stated that the purpose was to get Trevor Booker more accustomed to playing the small forward position so that he would be able to play as an oversized three rather than an undersized four.

Also mentioned discussed during pregame was the physical condition of JaVale McGee. Saunders was uncertain whether McGee's notable lack of wind last night was due to lingering illness, asthma, or a condition issue from sitting out the last few games. However, he noted that McGee would be monitored closely this evening, and that the center would need to play with more energy than was evident during the Orlando contest.

Tonight's matchup against the Atlanta Hawks represents a good opportunity for the Wizards frontcourt to get back on track. Al Horford is inactive this evening after his collision with Blake Griffin and in his stead starts the crafty veteran Zaza Pachulia. This also means that with Etan Thomas inactive, the Hawks center depth is limited to Pachulia and and Jason Collins. If the Wizards dominate the action in the paint and manage to mitigate the damage that will surely be done by Joe Johnson and the Crawford brothers from behind the arc then the Wizards will have a puncher's chance in this game.

Go Wizards!

Hawks Starters

PG Mike Bibby

SG Joe Johnson

SF Marvin Williams

PF Josh Smith

C Zaza Pachulia

Wizards Starters

PG John Wall

SG Nick Young

SF Rashard Lewis

PF Andray Blatche

C JaVale McGee


The Atlanta Hawks...

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    Are where I want the Wizards to be in a few years
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  • 50%
    On their way down due to Joe Johnson's contract
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  • 14%
    Are ripe for the picking tonight with Al Horford out
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