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Transcript: Gilbert Arenas' remarks after the game

UPDATE: Here's my piece on Arenas for SB Nation D.C.

I wanted to provide a couple quotes from the Gilbert Arenas scrum after the game.  Arenas talked for about seven minutes and didn't have a ton to say, but did provide some interesting bytes.

On the fan reception: 

"I expected to get booed some, but I'm glad I got cheered.  It just shows that people understand that it was one year, one bad mistake, and it can't erase seven good years I had here."

On the difference in roles now that he's in Orlando:

"It's the same role here. Coming off the bench, trying to energize the team.  Going there was easy.  I'm in the same situation that I was here, but I'm on a contender, so I don't see the same kind of minutes I once did.  I just got to keep my head into it."    

On how his attitude has changed in the last few months about what happened last year, a question he didn't seem comfortable answering in front of a zillion reporters:

"All feelings change when you have growth.  You get older, and I'm a year older and wiser than I was last year."

On his defense on Nick Young:

"I got in Nick's head last week.  He never scores on me.  He knew what was going to happen.  I didn't do anything different than what I used to do in practice.  He never scored in practice,  so I knew he wasn't going to score in the game.  Flip was trying to get him the ball to break the spell I have over him, but not this time."

Finally, in what I thought was his most interesting answer, on his ideal legacy in D.C.

"That I gave back.  I really don't want to be known as a basketball player.  I want to be known as someone who gave back and gave other people a chance."

More later.