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Open Thread: Gilbert Arenas' exclusive with Chris Miller (UPDATED)

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Starting tonight at 6 p.m., Comcast SportsNet will air a wide-ranging Gilbert Arenas exclusive interview with Chris Miller.  This is a little teaser for that, which comes across as a bit odd if only because both seem to be playing some sort of game.  That said, I'm sure there will be a ton of great information coming from the interview, because Miller is an excellent reporter and Arenas is always candid.

(Of course, Arenas already sort of broke the ice on "The Mike Wise Show with Holden Kushner" on 106.7 The Fan" today - the audio link isn't available yet, but for more, go here and here - but I'm guessing this is different). 

I'm told the interview will be rolled out in six sections, starting with the 6 p.m. SportsNet Central, and then again at 10 and 11 tonight and Friday.  Here's your open thread to discuss the interview.  

UPDATE: Here's a quick summary of Part I - based on my really quick transcribing, so the quotes might not be perfect.  The segment mostly discussed Arenas' good times in D.C. and briefly touched on when the Wizards got the number one pick.

  • Arenas said this was the first time he's sat down with Miller since 2008.
  • Arenas said that he played best when he had "no expectations." " I got to basically play how I wanted to play, and I think once Eddie Jordan saw what I could do, he let the leash go."
  • Arenas said his best days were like a "rollercoaster."  He also said he felt nobody could stop him, and the team felt that way too.
  • Arenas said that, at the time after the incident last year, he felt his Wizards career was over.  In a joking voice, of sorts, Arenas said he was "trying to find every exit to run out of town."
  • Arenas said he talked to a kid in Chicago, who asked him if the Wizards would win the number one pick.  Arenas joked that they would, because "they wanted to replace me."
  • Arenas said that he figured at the time that he would play "about 20 games" before he would eventually be traded, because he figured that nobody wanted him immediately after the gun incident.
  • Arenas joked that every time a team gets a new owner, they get the number one pick.  He also joked that once he saw John Wall's highlights, he knew that "with my image, I can't even compete with him right now."
  • More here.