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Rebounding Is The Difference As the Wizards Lose To The Chicago Bulls

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Sometimes you run into teams that are just going to act as your kryptonite. A team like the Bulls, which defends well, rebounds ferociously and doesn't let play get sloppy is the worst possible matchup for the Wizards You aren't going to get away with the silly stuff that you can pull off against the Toronto Raptors or Sacramento Kings, so you need to leave the behind the backs and no-looks safely packed away. Unfortunately, someone forgot to relay that info to the Wizards and there were multiple occasions where blind dropoffs were hawked by the Bulls for fastbreak points.

A note should be made regarding the Wizards body language tonight, which was horrible. Nick Young looked sorely aggrieved at not getting contact calls at the rim and spent almost the entire game (with the exception of the scintillating dunk) hanging his head. Blatche and McGee also made Blatche and McGee mistakes and everyone basically just stopped talking in the 3rd quarter. I admire the fact that multiple Wizards got some of those "heat of battle" minutes Flip was talking about, but would have almost preferred they had been left in rather than reinserting the starters.

This is the first time I have heard the Wizards get booed as loudly and at such length during the course of the season. I'm not a particular fan of booing because it rarely if ever has a positive effect. But it also demonstrates that the bottoming up process still might have way to go and the booing might get worse before it gets better. So let's keep it friendly in the comments and avoid excoriating certain players too much. If not for the player than for your own mental health.

More later.