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Washington Wizards Blown Out On Second Consecutive Night

Most of the attention tonight is going to be directed towards the Kirk Hinrich trade and that is perhaps a good thing. I say this because the performance that the Wizards inflicted on their fans tonight way very difficult to watch. To be blown out by San Antonio and Miami is an acceptable outcome in the first year of a rebuild. However, getting rocked by Sacramento, Indiana and Philly just demonstrates the lack of....something on this team.

Also, why the heck is John Wall playing nearly 40 minutes in a blowout loss. C'mon Flip.

Maybe Maurice Evans is a vocal clubhouse leader who is going to light a fire under this team and get them to compete. Hopefully, Mike Bibby can instill a bit of focus and Jordan Crawford will give the Wizards two deep threats from beyond the arc. Tonight think about that, take a deep breath and remember that there is always tomorrow. And Trevor Booker.

Let's use the postgame thread to post gifs that express our mental state over this team. Most recs gets BF commenter of the night. Mike will have more on Hinrich tomorrow and I'll bring you some exciting links.

Until then.....