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Washington Wizards Forget All-Star Break Is Over And Lose To Indiana Pacers

A lot of what we witnessed tonight can be attributed to the fact that the Wizards were introducing a variety of returning pieces back into the lineup. Nick Young was probably the Wizards who displayed the most rust; failing to convert from range and being forced to take several ill advised drives to the basket. Rashard Lewis also appears to be a step slow as he lost position several times and was off the dribble multiple times.

However, the bulk of the blame, if blame must be assigned, should fall on the on the fact that the Wizards displayed an appalling lack of focus on the evening. The fact that Andray Blatche started the game so strongly by taking quick decisive moves to the basket only to spend the entire 2nd quarter dribbling in Iso and jacking 20 footers demonstrates that either the players can't remember the scheme from quarter to quarter, or the coaching staff is failing to hammer home what strategies are working towards allowing the team to remain competitive. Neither is a conclusion that I want to reach, but there is too much evidence on the year that this team can't carry a consistent effort from one quarter to another. Whether that's an issue of coaching or self-motivation is for greater minds than mine to decide.

What do you think?