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Links: JaVale McGee falls short in 2011 Slam Dunk Contest

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That photo - wow. Anyway, some links from last night's Slam Dunk Contest:


  • Video and analysis of all of JaVale McGee's dunks. [SB Nation D.C.]
  • Let's be real here: JaVale never had a shot once he got to the Finals (and frankly, even before he did). A complete recap of the entire night here. [Michael Lee]
  • JaVale raised the bar for future contestants, even if he didn't win. [John Hollinger]
  • It was nice to see Pam McGee involved in the festivities. []
  • ... even if Dr. J got a little too close with her. [@jose3030]
  • Apparently it was Blake Griffin's idea alone to jump over the car. [Royce Young, CBSSports]
  • John Wall exited the Skills Challenge quickly, while JaVale McGee had a coming out party. [Rashad Mobley, Truth About It]
  • Steve Perrin of Clips Nation wasn't high on the three-ball dunk, saying it wasn't "basketball" enough. Pssh. The Dunk Contest isn't basketball. [Clips Nation]
  • DeMar DeRozan's "Showstopper" dunk is the best dunk of the night according to all these readers? I liked it, but really? []
  • All of the players actually prepared this year, unlike last year. [Jonathan Abrams, New York Times]
  • John Wall was not very confident about the Skills Challenge even before it began. [Washington Post]
  • And hey, John, what are you doing congratulating Blake? Traitor! [SB Nation D.C.]
  • Gifs of all the good dunks, from user StillUnknown [comments section of this thread]