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JaVale McGee falls to Blake Griffin in 2011 NBA Slam Dunk Contest

Classic NBA Slam Dunk Contest shenanigans there.  JaVale McGee does the two most creative dunks of the competition and loses to Blake Griffin because of a choir, a glitzy car and a guy stealing his thunder (pun intended).  

McGee blew out of the gate on his first two dunks, completing the one you see there for a 50, then topping it by somehow slamming three balls in a dunk that was odd-looking, but incredibly difficult and creative.  Griffin probably got gifted into the finals, doing a decent 360 two-hander, then flubbing a windmill off the side glass until the very end.  Serge Ibaka did a free-throw line dunk, and DeMar DeRozan did a kiss-the-rim reverse, but neither got to the finals.

In the finals, JaVale somehow avoided the backboard on a reverse rock-the-cradle, while Griffin dunked his elbow in the rim a la Vince Carter, except while throwing it off the backboard.  On the second dunk, Kenny Smith set Griffin up with the Kia and the choir, making the dunk itself easy.  McGee, confused because Ibaka stole his paper dunk, except with a stuffed animal, had nothing in reserve and lost.  Sixty-eight percent of the fans voted for Griffin.

Oh well.  JaVale, you will always be our champion.

(image via @jose3030)