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Discussion: How do you compensate for being a Wizards fan?

I was headed in this direction before Wednesday night's game, but the ensuing slaughter and magical haiku thread have made this question a necessity. Being a fan of a rebuilding team and having expectations is painful...very painful. And the curse of Les Boulez has turned into a 'sins of the father' type of generational curse, except nobody knows what we did to deserve it.

It seems like every time we flirt with relevance disaster strikes, and that's only if it hasn't struck before then. From catastrophic injuries to indefensible trades, we've been in the lottery so consistently that the few years we've made it to the postseason, the League puts a sign on our reserved seat that says, 'Back in 10 minutes'.

The point is that being a Wizards fan is tough. Really tough. So how do you blow off steam? Is it drunken karaoke? 'Revenge of the Nerds' marathons? Listen to Miley Cyrus songs while your significant other lulls you to sleep? Fire away in the comments, my method below the jump.

I'm sure more of you than are willing to admit it have seen Mystery Men, possibly more than once. I don't know what it was, but as much as I wanted (and want) to like this movie, the execution just never really seemed to bring it off. But that doesn't mean plenty of the lines and ideas behind the movie aren't awesome, and this method is one every NFL fan should be familiar with.

When things are going badly for the Wizards, namely, during the regular season, I tend to do things furiously. That means howling Queen songs on the radio when I'm driving home, treating each red light like the beginning of the Daytona 500, and doing my laundry while defiantly leaving my clothes in the dryer until they wrinkle. That's the tip of a colorful iceberg that includes attempting to eat a pound of spaghetti, watching Conan the Barbarian over and over, and drinking a bottle of maple syrup.

That last is following Gil's fateful knee injury. I know that's from Super Troopers, it's where I got the idea...the sugar rush is outstanding. Caffeine has almost no effect on me, sugar, either. But let me tell you...for five minutes I could literally not be still and bouncing off the walls was not mere expression. After that I didn't feel so hot, although the box of oatmeal raisin cookies and the half gallon of orange juice I had before did me no favors. I figured it was all part of a balanced breakfast, so what if it was one a.m. at a house party? It beat the time I took shots of everclear, though.

Share your craziest stories about living with the team we can't help but support. We are number one. All others are number two, or lower.