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Washington Wizards Vs. Orlando Magic: Regular Season Game 54 Open Thread


Last game before the All-Star Break, folks.  We know Rashard Lewis is out (though the Magic are planning a video tribute to honor him, per OPP), and there's a chance Nick Young won't go either.  Via Michael Lee.

But there remains some doubt about Nick Young's availability. Young participated in the morning practice, but he said he would be a game-time decision with discomfort in his left knee.    

Personally, I don't see the need to push it.  The All-Star Break is coming, and he'll have plenty of time to rest.  What's one game before, especially against a really good team like Orlando?  If he's hurt, I say just sit him down and give him some rest.  As for the Magic, Brandon Bass is back in the starting lineup after being hurt for a while.  

UPDATE: Young is doubtful, and JaVale McGee has a sore back.  Seriously, guys, just don't push it.  

Also, this marks another game against the eccentric one that currently is their backup point guard, a guy who I (perhaps frustratingly) said was the least fun player to watch in the league this year.  We all know his opinions on the direction of the franchise.  At this point, he's just another player.  The big "return home" already happened.  Now, I shrug.  

(Photo via my computer, because Stan Van Gundy is hilariously expressive).