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John Wall Is (Still) On The Billboard Charts

Mike already mentioned this about a month ago, but I thought it was worth putting it out there again in a time when Blake Griffin has almost completely overshadowed John Wall. Little do most of us realize, however, that our man has spent the past 7 weeks on the Billboard Hot 100. Don't worry, Wall is not going to pull a Ron Artest and ask for a month off to promote the album (or only sell 343 copies), because he is not the artist, but rather the subject of Troop 41's Do the John Wall.

The group is from Wall's hometown of Raleigh, NC, and judging by their Twitter account and MySpace page, they generally only perform around the Carolinas.

The song has reached as high as #76 on the chart, and currently sits at #92. Here is a sampling of the lyrics:

"Everybody clear out, hand me the rock Time winding down 3 seconds on the shot clock Break the defense homeboy I can't be stopped All about my money so you know I'm hitting bank shots I'm trying to tell them, boy you can't guard this Beast on the court homeboy I play the hardest."

Kind words are welcome, although I am not sure I agree with, "Jump shot deadly, you know that we kill on them."

And finally, the video is below the jump: