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Cleveland Cavaliers snap 26-game losing streak


There will be no toilet bowl on Sunday. The Cleveland Cavaliers beat the Los Angeles Clippers tonight 126-119 in overtime, led by our former Big 3 member Antawn Jamison, who scored 35 points and hit the big shot to put Cleveland up four in the closing seconds. If only Jamison acted like his team won the game instead of losing it.

Now, Sunday's game is merely one terrible team against another terrible team that's lost 25 straight road games. As one person tweeted tonight (forget who, sorry), it's gone from must-see TV to must-not-see TV. That is, unless you're a Wizards fan like we are.

The question now is whether the Cavaliers will have more or less pressure to win on Sunday. Since I'm not a huge fan of these discussions, I'll just pose the question and let you all decide.