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Rashard Lewis may need knee surgery, not having it yet

See, this is why you don't play guys who have knee problems a zillion minutes.  Rashard Lewis, who scored just three points in 28 minutes last night, told reporters after practice today that his right knee is in a lot of pain and surgery may need to happen, either in-season or after its over.  Via Craig Stouffer:

"Surgery is an option, just to clean it out, a scope, but it's not something that I want to do right now," said Lewis. "I think it'd be an option after the season, but we're going to see how it feels over these next couple of games leading up to the break, just to decide what we're going to do."

Lewis said he's been dealing with the issue since early in the season in Orlando, and it just keeps getting worse.  Yet the Wizards have been trotting him out there for 35.6 minutes per game, playing him over 40 minutes in a game six times in 25.  I get it: players play hurt, and it's not exclusively on the coach to have to do guess-work with his guys when they say they're doing okay.  But this isn't John Wall, a young rookie that needs to learn how to play through pain and is essential to the team's development.  This is Rashard Lewis, a veteran who has tons of mileage on him.  Not playing him may hurt, but it also gives other guys a chance to shine and prove they belong with this team's future.  I just don't see the upside of giving him all these minutes when he was in pain.

This feels like something that happens way too much with this organization, and I wish it would stop.