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PSA: Javale McGee wants YOU for the dunk contest

Your idea, that is.

Anybody have any dunk ideas... Real ones... For the contest?... Hit my email

via Twitter

If you ever wanted to give the Slam Dunk competition your personal pedigree, this is your chance.  NBA Jam can suck it, kiddies.  Javale McGee is asking for your help, Obi-wan.  Geek out.  And that's not all.

Who ever Ben g is... Might have a good idea... Keep that between me n u bro... Ima try it and if I can do it two tickets n ur name

Safe to say airfare not included, but oh, what fun.  Since this showed up on Twitter, assume Javale is keeping practice and dunk practice separate.  For my own idea, continue below the jump.  Send your suggestions to JM34FANMAIL@YAHOO.COM  [sic]

You've got that explosion in your legs, Javale, do you have it in your arms as well?  Competition is gonna be tough, and when I say competition, I don't mean just Blake Griffin...but you get my point, so here it is.

(1) Nick is standing just to the right of the rim, ready to throw the ball almost straight up.

(2) The one thing you do better than anybody I've ever seen is explode upward.  So, running start or whatever you need off a straight run, and jump.

(3) When you get to the rim, grab the holy jesus hell out of it and launch yourself upward.  Nick lobs it straight up to you.

(4) Bring your legs up.  Do some kind of crazy ass pose.  Left hand out towards the rim, right hand cocked behind you with the ball, with your feet above the rim.

(5) Throw it down and do your best to rip the rim off backboard.

Is it possible?  Maybe...probably not.  If you pull that off...I'm a grown man.  But a picture of that dunk, you posed with your feet above the rim, would be up in my bedroom like I was twelve years old.

Good luck to you in the dunk contest.  Represent.  Be iconic.  Bullets Forever.