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Washington Wizards Close To Signing Roger Mason Jr., According To Report

Via Craig Stouffer of the Washington Examiner:

The Wizards are close to agreeing to a contract with free agent guard Roger Mason Jr. that would bring the D.C. native back for his second NBA stint in his hometown, according to sources with knowledge of the situation.

Stouffer doesn't give a dollar figure, but the veteran's minimum is probably what makes the most sense. Any more and the Wizards are probably overpaying. Mason's really fallen off as a player since the very beginning of his San Antonio tenure. He's essentially had one decent year with the Wizards in 2007-08 and half of a good season for the Spurs in 2008-09 before Tony Parker's injury caused him to play too much point guard. His PER has cratered to 9.7 and 7.2 over the past two years, and he hit only 33 percent of his threes last season, which is supposed to be his strength.

The Wizards seemingly are hoping his veteran presence helps in the locker room. I can see where they're coming from there. If it were me, though, I'd rather the Wizards spend a little more money and find a bench player who can provide more on-court contributions.

In any event, if the report is true, welcome back, Roger.

UPDATE: Michael Lee reports the deal is for the veteran's minimum.