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Washington Wizards 2011-12 Schedule Released: Some Facts

The 2011-12 Washington Wizards' schedule has been released. To see the whole thing, click here. The first game, as expected, will be at home against the New Jersey Nets on December 26. Here are some other key nuggets on the schedule.

  • The Wizards have ZERO national television games, not counting NBATV contests against the Celtics on January 1, the Magic on the road on January 4, the Celtics again on January 22, the Bulls on January 30, the Knicks on February 8 and the Bucks on April 2.
  • The Wizards have two stretches of back-to-back-to-back games. The first is from March 24-26, when the Wizards will face the Hawks at home, the Celtics on the road and the Pistons at home. The second is soon after that from April 4-6, when the Wizards face the Pacers at home, the Pistons on the road and the Nets on the road.
  • There are two five-game homestands: January 14-22 and February 29-March 10.
  • The longest road trip, a six-gamer, immediately follows the second homestand. The Wizards start at San Antonio on March 12, go to Dallas on March 13, then New Orleans on March 15, Atlanta on March 16, Memphis on March 18 and New Jersey on March 21. The Wizards come home and immediately play again the next day at home against the Pacers.
  • The following teams will not be coming to Verizon Center this season: Dallas, Memphis, New Orleans, San Antonio, Utah, Phoenix, .
  • The Wizards will not be playing the following teams on the road: Oklahoma City, Denver, Minnesota, LA Lakers, Golden State, Sacramento.
  • The Wizards will play the following West teams twice: Houston, Portland, LA Clippers.
  • The Wizards play the following teams four times: Orlando, Charlotte, Philadelphia, Boston, Toronto, Milwaukee.
  • The Wizards play the following teams three times: Miami, Atlanta, New York, New Jersey, Chicago, Cleveland, Indiana, Detroit.
  • The Wizards have 19 back-to-backs, including the two back-to-back-to-backs.
  • Four-in-five-game stretches: January 10-14, March 12-16, March 29-April 2.
  • Five-in-six-game stretches: March 21-26, April 1-6.
  • Seven-in-nine-game stretches: March 29-April 6.

I'll leave it to all of you to analyze further.