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Bullet Points: Where #Wizards Travel Well, Nene Hilario Gets A Max Deal(?) and New Miami (York) In The Offing

  • As Wizards fans, we represent a small but fierce cross-section of NBA fandom. Solidarity is important when our team comes to town, so this one is for Wizards fans living in NBA cities not within driving distance of DC. If you're planning to see the John Wall and Co. when they come to town, let us know about it. If we can get small groups together in the lower decks to cheer the team out of the tunnel, that would be awesome. I have a fond memory of Nick Young's amazed smile last year at seeing a fan wearing Wizards teal (R.I.P.) On that note, if there is no game in Phoenix this year, I will literally die.
  • Old news, but the Nene Hilario max contract rumors immediately confirmed there is no system the NBA can devise that will protect the owners from their own stupidity.
  • Remember when I wondered (along with everyone else) if the Carmelo Anthony trade meant bad things for parity? ...Yup.
  • Training camp is going to happen ver' ver' fast. Here's to Jan Vesely, Chris Singleton, and Shelvin Mack earning some kind of burn in two short weeks. Is it possible they don't play in the preseason games as Flip prepares for Opening Day? He's been pretty good in the past about spreading out playing time in the preseason...stay tuned.
  • Flip singled out perimeter defense as contributing to rebounding troubles. That's a challenge to John Wall, but will it affect the rotation at SF? Would this give Chris Singleton the nod over Jan Vesely if Rashard isn't 100%? Probably not.
  • I want to see Javale win the opening tipoff more often. Jumping out of the gym is supposed to be our thing. Come on!
  • The schedule should be arriving in today...does anyone else hear Etta James singing 'At Last' in their head? Viva the season!