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A Note On The Site Logo And Colors

A number of you have asked me if the site colors are going to change now that the Wizards themselves have changed colors. As I've tweeted and commented before, the answer is: yes, we're working on it. However, as part of a larger project, we're also looking to change the site logo.

Here's where we're asking for help. If you are a graphic designer and have any interest in helping us with the design of the new logo, send me an e-mail (mikeprada AT sbnation DOT com). Even if you aren't, and you have some skills of some kind, we'd love to see your ideas for the new site logo. Post 'em in the comments or e-mail me with those.

Our sense is that this should be done before the season, but it'll move quicker if we, the community, can collectively help with it. Thanks guys,