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Links: Eddie Jordan Is At Carroll High, John Wall Explains His Glasses

A bunch of links for you, both serious and funny.

  • If you were watching Kentucky-North Carolina, you saw John Wall hanging out wearing these goofy green glasses. He explained today that they were actually a good-luck charm. [@MrMichaelLee]
  • Speaking of Wall, he and Shelvin Mack were practicing at the Verizon Center at 3:30 in the morning. Awesome! [@craigstouffer]
  • Of course, a certain former Wizard star was known to do similar things. [@jakewhitacre]
  • Highlights of Wall's return to the Verizon Center court, including an awesome block at the 15-second mark. []
  • Josh Howard is meeting with four teams this week starting on Tuesday: the Wizards, Bulls, Nets and Spurs. [Chris Broussard]
  • Othyus Jeffers says he's closer to returning from a torn ACL than he originally thought, and his agent says the Wizards have talked about bringing him back. Bet none of these things are true if he wasn't a free agent. [Michael Lee]
  • Sizing up the Wizards' roster, by Frank Hanrahan of CSN Washington: [John Wall | Andray Blatche]
  • One of the teams rumored to be interested in Nick Young are the Chicago Bulls, but do they really need him? Beckley Mason says no. [Hoopspeak]
  • Sacramento Kings bloggers don't seem to want Young either. [Sactown Royalty]
  • A look at all those prospects in that UK-UNC game for the draft gurus out there. [Painted Area]
  • We're now reviving our Facebook page, thanks to the efforts of Jake Whitacre. Here's a poll for your interest.
  • You're going to want to bookmark this for all your free agent needs. ['s StoryStream]