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Links: Final Word On Andray Blatche, Chris Singleton, Jordan Crawford Come Home

Some leftover links from yesterday.

  • Jason Reid of the Washington Post threw a haymaker at Andray Blatche, saying he's ill-fitted to be a captain and calling out the organization for enabling him. The "captain" stuff is overrated to me -- it's just a ceremonial title -- but the point still stands since clearly the Wizards want Blatche to be a leader. Reid hits hard and below the belt sometimes, but it's what he does. [Washington Post]
  • Sites to read before tonight's game against the Hawks. [Peachtree Hoops | Hoopinion | SB Nation D.C. | SB Nation Atlanta]
  • The Hawks apparently made an offer for Dwight Howard that will never see the light of day. [True Hoop]
  • Wizards players respond to Dray-gate. [CSN Washington (Video)]
  • Chris Singleton and Jordan Crawford have a homecoming tonight, so to speak. [Washington Times | Truth About It]
  • Speaking of Singleton, gotta love his quotes here. [Wizards Insider]
  • The TNT crew talked about JaVale McGee last night. Here's a transcript. [We're Off To See The Willards]
  • Linked this in the previous post, but a cool look at the way the Wizards defended Deron Williams' "S" cut on the pick and roll. [Truth About It]
  • Here's the first episode of Wizards Magazine. Worth watching. []
  • A Hawks-Wizards history lesson. [Bob Rathburn]
  • No, Hamady Ndiaye can't fit into a Mini [DC Sports Bog]