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Links: Nick Young Returns And Wants To Take It Out On The League

nick young
nick young

Today's Links:

  • Nick Young is back and he wants the league to know about it. [Michael Lee | Frank Hanrahan]
  • Of course, he still did smile during the interview. [Chris Miller]
  • Young being back means less PT for Roger Mason and Shelvin Mack. How unfortunate. [Ben Standig]
  • An argument that bringing Young back on the qualifying offer is a win-win rather than a lose-lose. [Jack Kogod, Washingtonian]
  • Pretty funny look at what Nick Young's return actually means. [Truth About It]
  • Novel concept: one preseason game shouldn't mean the sky is falling. [CSN Washington]
  • Ronny Turiaf said he's going to reach out to Jeff Green because he knows what Green is going through right now. Great gesture from a good dude. [Lee | Craig Stouffer]
  • Chad Ford gives the Wizards a C for this offseason because they didn't do anything. [ESPN]
  • Speaking of ESPN, John Hollinger's player profiles are now available.
  • Chris Singleton is one of three players wearing Spalding shoes this season. C'mon, son. [Dime]
  • Chatting with Steve Buckhantz about this season. [Wizards Extreme]
  • Andray Blatche is hosting a "night of sophistication" at a D.C. nightclub on New Year's Eve. The Wizards play the Celtics the next day. Not sure this is an especially smart decision on Blatche's part. [SB Nation D.C.]
  • Wizards and Capitals players spread the holiday cheer. [Wizards Minute]
  • Never too early for a Top 65 free agents of 2012 posts. JaVale McGee comes in at No. 13. [Ziller]
  • In case you missed it, Arron Afflalo re-signed with the Nuggets for five years and $43 million.
  • Paul Allen speaks for the first time in two years. [CBS Sports]
  • Grizzlies suffer a major blow with Darrell Arthur being out for the season. [@FlyerGrizBlog]
  • Fun time to be a Clippers fan. [Clips Nation]
  • Android users, rejoice: the SB Nation Android App is here!