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Links: Jordan Crawford Discusses KG Incident, Knicks Interested In Mo Evans

I'm in SB Nation meetings all day all week, so just links today. Here we go.

  • Remember the story about Jordan Crawford trash-talking Kevin Garnett and getting slapped? Crawford spoke about the incident for the first time, saying he didn't get slapped and that Garnett "messed with the wrong one." [Michael Lee]
  • The Knicks are interested in Maurice Evans for their $2.5 million mini-mid level exception. Evans' agent also takes a swipe at Jamal Crawford, the other guy the Knicks seem to want. [New York Post]
  • John Wall is taking charge more as a leader. Expect to see a lot more stories like this. [Michael Lee]
  • Speaking of leadership, here's the book Andray Blatche read only half of this summer on leadership and why it doesn't matter that he did. [Truth About It]
  • Wall, Crawford and Shelvin Mack have formed a really close bond already. [Carla Peay, Washington Times]
  • Interesting quote from Flip Saunders here on Sam Cassell. Not sure how encouraging it is. [Truth About It]
  • Kind of a non-update update on Nick Young's status. [Lee]
  • Tracee Hamilton seems to believe in what Andray Blatche is selling. I think. [Washington Post]
  • Jan Vesely is working on his shooting. [Craig Stouffer]
  • Video highlights from Day 5 of camp, which I missed. []
  • The Wizards seem ready to play already. [Frank Hanrahan, CSN Washington]
  • Does DeAndre Jordan's new four-year, $43 million deal set the market for JaVale McGee. [Craig Stouffer]
  • Ted Leonsis says JaVale McGee is "erudite and well-read and highly relevant." Don't ever change, Ted. [Ted's Take]
  • For the draft gurus out there, a look at the North Carolina prospects. [Jonathan Tjarks, SB Nation]
  • The Chris Paul trade talks are back, and so are the Lakers. Yay. [ESPN]