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Wizards Training Camp 2011: Day 4 Videos And Observations

WASHINGTON, D.C. - We didn't see a ton of the scrimmage today, so there's really not much to glean on how people are doing. Quick thoughts:

  • Jan Vesely still looks a bit confused when he gets the ball sometimes. He had John Wall pinned on his back one time five feet from the rim and still faded away, allowing Wall to deflect the shot. He plays well in a team setting, Flip Saunders says, but still needs work on his fundamentals, specifically his shooting consistency. Saunders said his form is fine, but he fades away too much.
  • Roger Mason continues to look very impressive. You'll notice a nice layup in one of the clips below. He said he's a better player now than he was when he was here before and when he was with the Spurs. Cynics will no doubt note that his numbers the past couple years haven't shown it. I guess we'll see when the season begins.
  • JaVale McGee wasn't quite as good today as yesterday, but he did throw down a couple nice lobs. Of course, there was one sequence where he didn't run the floor and John Wall yelled at him. Wall picked up his dribble, gave it to McGee to get it back, and McGee threw a lazy pass that Shelvin Mack intercepted. The only thing that saved a layup was Wall's awesome block the other way. Wall was not amused at McGee.
  • Haven't seen much of Wall or Jordan Crawford take over possessions, which is a good thing. That would mean plays weren't being run at all.
  • Before we got in, Ronny Turiaf stuff the hell out of Hamady Ndiaye, earning Turiaf the hard hat. captured the video, but not Hamady's hard fall, which made it even more of a highlight.

Otherwise, definitely kind of tough to get a read again. Quotes and more coming tomorrow. For now, a couple clips.

Roger Mason layup, followed by an Andray Blatche jumper.

Andray Blatche drives by Jan Vesely, probably travels.

JaVale McGee alleyoop 1.

JaVale McGee alleyoop 2.