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Videos From Day 3 Of Wizards Training Camp

WASHINGTON, D.C. - The Wizards scrimmaged for a while on Sunday, and instead of doing my usual thing where I jot a couple notes down and mostly just watch, I decided to shoot some video on my phone. For actual text observations on the scrimmage that happened, Craig Stouffer has you covered.

A couple lingering thoughts from what I did see (keep in mind we only see the final part of practice).

  • Surprised how good Roger Mason looked - had some good pep in his step coming off screens. Last time I saw him it was at Joe Connelly's workout, and he didn't look great. Game seemed to be too fast for him in several instances. Looked a lot better today on curls.
  • JaVale McGee had a couple nice baseline hook shots, one of which is captured below.
  • You can see the issue with Jan Vesely - there are just tons of possessions where he doesn't do anything. There are also a couple where he'll make an instinctive cut into open space and get a bucket. He's taking a little while to understand his teammates, but when he just plays, he can make a difference. I just fear there won't be a ton of possessions where he just plays.
  • John Wall's jumper looks very good.
  • Andray Blatche didn't scrimmage because he cramped up near the end of the practice. He toughed it out a bit during the final full-court drill, and for his efforts, he was awarded the hard hat. Instead of accepting, he passed it on to McGee, who probably wasn't used to getting some praise. "I felt like it was staged or something," he said.

Anyway, here are those videos. Keep in mind: just snippets here. I was trying to observe and shoot, and sometimes it's tricky to do both.

John Wall's awesome layup.

JaVale takes a lob from Mardy Collins.

JaVale finishes a nice hook shot.

Rashard Lewis scores, Jordan Crawford complains.