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Open Thread: NBA Lockout's D Day

The players made their move yesterday saying they will accept a 50/50 BRI split for some system concessions.  Now, are the owners really willing to blow up the season over stuff like the level of the mid-level exception, sign-and-trades for luxury tax teams and other issues like that?  Is losing basketball for a year really worth it for those things? 

We'll find out today.  The good news: Chris Broussard is reporting that the two sides are finalizing details for a meeting around 1 p.m. this afternoon.  Hopefully, David Stern can hold off the hard-line owners who want the players to concede even more. 

You all probably know how I feel about this, but just to put it out there: the players have conceded enough.  If they're truly willing to do a 50/50 BRI split, it'll cover most, if not all, of the league's losses.  Now, it's time for the owners to move themselves so basketball can return.

UPDATE: More good news from Woj.

“There can be a few things tweaked along the edges, the periphery and this can be agreed upon,” one ownership source told Yahoo! Sports. “I’m confident that would not be an issue if [Stern] did that.”

“It will be a very slight budge,” one high-ranking management source said.

UPDATE: Meeting at 1 p.m. is on.  Sounds like it's a small group meeting.