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NBA Lockout Update: NBPA Rejects Owners' Deal, Ask For System Changes

The NBA Players Association has announced its intentions to reject the owners' current proposal on the table, in spite of a Wednesday ultimatum that David Stern spelled out.  In a press conference aired on NBATV, Derek Fisher and Billy Hunter announced that the current offer, one that suggests a 50/50 split of Basketball-Related Income and a number of system changes, is "not one we can accept."

"Not under any circumstances will they give us a position of weakness and give us ultimatum where we have to negotiate for a specific deal," Fisher said.

Fisher and Hunter, speaking for 43 players who attended the NBPA meeting, said they are willing to accept the BRI split, but only if there are system changes made. Hunter specifically noted the mid-level exception, sign-and-trades for luxury tax teams, the more punitive luxury tax and others as the issues on which the players would like to see the league move.

"We're open-minded about potential compromises on our [BRI] number," Fisher said. "But there are things in the system that we have to have"

Hunter said he plans on calling Stern in the next 24 hours to arrange a meeting and "anticipates" it will happen. He said he expects the original offer to remain on the table past Wednesday, but said that he's heard through the "underground" that games may be cancelled through Christmas if the talks break down.

Also, he got one more jab in at Michael Jordan.

"I would give him the advice he gave to Abe Pollin," Hunter said when asked about Jordan's stance as a hard-liner.

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