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NBA Lockout Update: David Stern Sets Ultimatum, Players Don't Appreciate It

Here's a brief recap of what happened in last night's NBA lockout meeting.

  • David Stern claimed the owners offered a deal that could potentially give players up to 51 percent of BRI, but would only be on the table until Wednesday.  At that point, the offer would drop down to 47 percent.
  • The players weren't fans of this ultimatum, claiming they were the ones to move down to 51 percent, but it wasn't accepted by the owners. 
  • The push for decertification picked up, with agents polling players to see if they would vote yes on it.  Will it happen?  On the one hand, Deron Williams tweeted, I've been ready to sign a decertification petition since July? Can't believe we are just now going this route! SMH.  On the other hand, another agent told Ken Berger that most players would accept a 50/50 split.  I happen to believe Berger's report, for the record.
  • As for the ultimatum itself, Kessler said he has no plans to present any offer to the union, "because that's now how any union in America works, that I'm aware of," Kessler said, via True Hoop.  Of course, the NBA Players Association isn't like any other union.
  • One interesting system concession: teams over the luxury tax can use a modified mid-level exception worth $2.5 million for a maximum of two years.
  • This all seems kind of messy, but my read is that it's mostly posturing.  I'm not getting too caught up in the rhetoric right now.  I could also be very wrong about this.