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J.J. Hickson, Trevor Booker's Replacement In Israel, Is Already Gone, Reports Say

Get ready, Trevor Booker, because it looks like you'll be coming back to play for Bnei Hasharon in Israel sooner than you think.  Remember when Booker returned to the U.S. to rehab an injury and J.J. Hickson from the Sacramento Kings replaced him?  It apparently didn't take long for Hickson to be booted from the team.

Noam Schiller, an Israeli basketball enthusiast, brings us the news.

Apparently, J.J. Hickson was tardy to two straight practices and will be released from Bnei HaSharon after just one game. Wow ... So, to recap: J.J. Hickson signs in Israel, plays ONE game in which his team loses by 39 points, is late to practice, gets released ... Regardless, this probably ensures that if Trevor Booker gets healthy before the lockout ends, Bnei HaSharon will bring him back.

Here's the Hebrew report from which he's getting his information.  Another report says that Hickson is leaving because he's homesick, but either way, this is both a means for Booker to return and a cautionary tale for NBA players thinking they can just play overseas easily.