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The Flip Side: Javale McGee Vs Jordan Crawford, Shot Opportunities And Hurt Feelings

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Javale McGee has been with the Wizards his entire career and last year he wasn't shy about wanting more touches. With the (fake) season rolling, one dynamic that will bear watching is whether or not, and then to what degree, Jordan Crawford's shot-jacking has on McGee's media cool. Typically reserved with the press, when Javale's frustration peaks it's usually just a brief sound bite, but one that is demonstrative of his current mindset.

Like every other first round pick eyeing restricted free agency, Javale wants to earn a big contract, start a bidding war, what-have-you. And when it comes to seven footers with several years of NBA experience who have yet to enter their prime, it's always seller's market for a player with a respectable stat line.

So how's it going to sit with him while JC chases Michael Jordan and is missing six out of ten shots? Sure, we want Javale getting points off cleaning the glass, but it's hard to argue Javale hasn't earned more shot opportunities for the simple reason Jordan hasn't earned all the rainbows he's launching.

Most of us are less than comfortable with Jordan jacking twenty shots a game, although we certainly don't want to see Javale launching 18-footers in the near future. I'm not suggesting a C needs more touches than a SG because of simple seniority or any other such nonsense. JC had a lot of leeway last year by virtue of being on a rebuilding team replete with injuries. He enjoyed the kind of green light Gilbert Arenas had.

With John Wall at 100% for perhaps the first time in a Wizards uniform, plenty of new blood, and trimmed fat, touches are going to be more regulated. This looks to be one of those storylines that seemed obvious in retrospect once it finally blows up, and is going to depend heavily upon Flip's rotations. If Javale doesn't follow up on his performance in the fake opener and this year's Jordan is the same as last year's, Flip will have his work cut out for him. We know he like's Jordan's moxie, but with so many players looking for their court identity this year, a continued green light for Jordan's itchy trigger finger leads to a traffic jam down the road.