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Washington Wizards 'Expressed Interest' In David West, According To Report

From Sam Amick of Sports Illustrated:

Source says Indiana, New Orleans, G. State and Washington have all expressed interest in former Hornets forward/2-time All-Star David West.

That's an interesting one. West is an incredibly consistent player who has squeezed as much out of his talent as he possibly could have. He's got an array of moves in the post and has developed into a very good pick and pop player with Chris Paul. He's also tough as nails and very reliable, and I thought his defense was much better last year than in the past.

HOWEVA, he's also 31 years old and coming off a torn ACL in March. His game was never one to rely on athleticism much, but his strength is one reason why he's able to muscle shots over taller players in the post. Will some of that go away with declining knees? Financially, does he fit in with the Wizards' timeline? Would it be smart for the Wizards to sink a lot of money into a 30+ year old whose best days may be behind him?

At this point, I'd probably pass.